Holiday, holiday.

                     Holiday. A time for resting, travelling, taking photos, admiring landscapes.

                     Holiday. I may call it sunny, blue, calm.

                     Holiday. Water, sky, flowers.

                     Geoagiu Bai is a spa resort situated in Hunedoara county, Romania.

                     Here the traveller can find : fresh air, thermal waters used both for internal diseases   and for external use.

                    In the images you can also see the remnants of the Roman Germisara baths, dating centuries II-III.


Sibiu, beautiful city from Romania

                     Sibiu is a beautiful city from Transylvania, Romania.

        In 2007 it was an European cultural capital along with Luxembourg.

        It is a wonderful city from many points of view. Here the visitor can take part in many festivals, visit churches, museums( Bruckenthal, Astra), or may participate in a sport competition.

     This city is breathing an European air .023029107

Roses, my love

Roses were and will always be my love.They are always making my life beautiful .

As William Shakespeare in his”Romeo and Juliet” says:”ROSE by any other name would  

smell as sweet”.

I like alll the colours of roses from pink to red and the mixed combinations.

I like the roses perfume and the roses creams.

Like, love and again…

My first writing on the blog


              They are part of our life.Fully coloured,in all the colours of this earth.

   They were created by God so as our life would be more beautiful and happier.

   One of my favourite flowers is the african violet .It is not difficult to cultivate and to be taken care.

   My favourite colours are mauve and pink.I also like the combined african violets,pink and white ,for instance.